Difference between Metaplasia and Dysplasia

1. Definition- Change of one type of epithelial or mesenchymal cell to another type of epithelial or mesenchymal cell Definition- Disordered cellular development, accompanied by hyperplasia or Metaplasia
2. Types- Epithelial,(squamous, columnar) Mesenchymal(osseous, cartilaginous) Types- Epithelial only
3. Tissues affected- Bronchial mucosa, endocervix, mesenchymal- arteries Tissues affected- Uterine, cervix, bronchial mucosa
4. Cellular changes- Mature cellular development Cellular changes- Disordered cellular development (pleomorphism)Nuclear hyperchromasia, mitosis, loss of polarity
5. Natural history- Reversible on withdrawal of stimulus Natural history- May regress on the removal of stimulus or may progress to higher grades of dysplasia or carcinoma in situ


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