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Preterm rupture of the membranes is most defined as spontaneous rupture at any time prior to which of the following?

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In the uterus of a normal female infant, what is the size relationship of the cervix, isthmus, and fundus?

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Which method is the most sensitive test to confirm the rupture of membranes?

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At 24 weeks of gestation where you feel the uterine fundus?

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The female clitoris is homologous to which of the male body part?

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What is the peak level of hCG in the maternal circulation and at which gestational age?

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Which one of them is NOT a feature of a normal pregnancy?

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During normal delivery, the fetus must pass through the maternal true pelvis. Which one is the most accurate to describe the characteristics of the true pelvis?

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What is the maximum normal time for the second stage of labour in a primigravida?"

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At delivery, a perineal laceration tore through the skin of the fourchette, vaginal mucous membrane, and the fascia and perineal muscles of the perineal body but not the anal sphincter or mucosa, which type of laceration is this?

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