OBG Tricks

The vestibule is a triangular space in the female vulva ( External genital organ) and there are 4 openings, these 4 initials are written in the VeStiBUle.

The trick to Learn: Openings In VeStiBUle – 4

VVaginal opening
SSkene’s gland
BBartholin’s gland
UUrethral opening

Trick to Learn: In SOS send SMS Please Transfer Some Money

SSuboccipitobregmatic (9.5 cm)
OOccipitofrontal (11.5 cm)
SSuboccipitofrontal (10 cm)
SSubmentobregmatic (9.5 cm)
MMentovertical (13.5 cm / 14 c.m.)
SSubmentovertical (11.5 cm)
Please – BiParietal diameter (9.5 cm)
Transfer – BiTemporal diameter (8.2 cm)
Some – Super subparietal diameter (8.5cm)
Money – BiMastoid diameter (7.5 cm)

The trick to Learn: FORCEPS

FFull dilatation of the cervix
OObtain the consent
RRuptured Membrane
CCephalic presentation engaged
EEmpty the bladder & bowel
PPerform Episiotomy

The trick to Learn: REEDA

EEcchymosis (a discoloration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath)
AApproximation (Approximation of wound edges)

The trick to Learn: Large – FEST

LLH Surge
EEstrogen peak
SStretching factor
TTheca externa’s micro muscle contraction

Events that start from number 4 in Obstetrics –
4 Parts of Uterus – Fundus, Body, Isthmus, Cervix
4 Parts of Fallopian tube – Intramural (interstitial), Isthmus, Ampulla, Infundibulum
4 Openings in Vestibule – Vaginal Opening, Skene’s Gland, Bartholin’s Gland, and Urethral Opening
4 Spermatids – After the completion of spermatogenesis 4 spermatids forms
4th day – Blastocyst enters into the uterine cavity
4 Visits in Pregnancy – According to WHO Total of 4 Antenatal visits needed
4 Types of Pelvis – Gynaecoid, Android, Anthropoid, Platypelloid
4 Leopold maneuvers (Obstetrical grips) – Fundal, Lateral (umbilical), Pawlik grip (2nd Pelvic grip), Pelvic grip (1st Pelvic grip)
4 Stages of Labour – Stages of Labour (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
4 Phases of Lactation – Mammogenesis, Lactogenesis, Galactokinesis, Galactopoiesis
4 Types of Placenta Praevia – Low Lying, Marginal, Partial central, Central
40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Duration of normal gestation (pregnancy) is about 280 days or 40 weeks
40 mg – daily iron requirement during pregnancy
400 μg – Daily folic acid requirement during pregnancy
400 Secondary Oocyte – Total no. of secondary Oocyte, a woman ovulate in her whole reproductive life.

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