Internal structure of the Heart – Chambers and Valves

There are 4 Chambers in a Heart, 2 superior chambers the atrium are the receiving chambers…

Anatomy of the Heart – Wall and its Coverings

The Heart is a vital organ in the human body that pumps blood and through the…


A joint or articulation is a contact point between the two bones...

Tibia & Fibula

Tibia and fibula are the leg bones that form the part of a lower limb...

Bones of the Foot

The foot consists of 26 bones in each lower limb, 7 Tarsals..

Arches of the Foot

The bones of the foot are arranged in three arches two longitudinal..


Patella or kneecap is a small circular-triangular bone located..


The femur or thigh bone is the longest, heaviest, and strongest..

Vertebral Column

The vertebral column, also called the backbone, spinal column, or spine is composed of a series…

Bones of hand

There are the various bones of the hand, these are- Carpals -It is the proximal region…