Placental abruption | Antepartum Hemorrhage | Clinical Types Grading Signs Symptoms

Abruptio placenta is the premature separation of the normally situated placenta, before childbirth. Here in this lecture various clinical types, grading, risk factors, and signs and symptoms are explained.

Clinical varieties-
1. Revealed
2. Concealed
3. Mixed

Risk factors-
– Poor socioeconomic status, malnourishment
– Advancing age of mother, multiparity
– Abdominal Trauma
– Thrombophilias
– Sudden decompression of uterus
– Smoking & cocaine abuse
– Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy
– Previous abruption

Clinical grading –
1 Grade 0
2 Grade 1
3 Grade 2
4 Grade 3

Signs & Symptoms –
It depends on the degree of separation, more separation worsens the perinatal outcomes.

Placental Abruption Management | APH | Diagnosis, Complications & Management

Management of abruptio placenta is only definitive, no expectant management is there. Here Diagnosis, complication, and management are explained.

– Mainly clinical
– USG (To locate placenta & Identify Retro placental hematoma in selective cases)

Complications –

1. Mother-
– Hemorrhage
– Shock
– Oliguria & anuria
– Sheehan’s syndrome
– Postpartum hemorrhage
– Puerperal sepsis

2. Fetus –
– Fetal death
– Fetal distress & anoxia

Management –
Only definitive management no expectant management.

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