Leopold’s Maneuvers (Obstetric Grips)

Leopold’s Maneuvers or the Obstetric Grips are the movements or the actions carried out by an examiner during the abdominal palpation of a gravid mother after 28 weeks of gestation.

It is given in the name of Christian Gerhard Leopold, who was a German gynecologist.

Prerequisite to perform the palpation are-

– Empty the bladder.

– Stand on the right side of the patient.

– Make the patient lie in dorsal position with flexed knees and expose the abdomen of a woman keeping her privacy to be maintained.

– Rub the hands before going to touch the mother’s abdomen.

Obstetrical Grips –

There are 4 Leopold’s Maneuvers or the Obstetric Grips –

  • 1st Leopold’s Maneuver (Fundal Grip) –

– It is performed by using both hands.

– While doing the maneuver examiner must face toward the patient’s face.

– Examiner places the palmer aspect of both hands on the fundus.

– Locate which pole of the fetus is occupying the fundus area. Like- Cephalic pole, Podalic pole.

  • 2nd Leopold’s Maneuver / Lateral or Umbilical Grip –

– It is also performed by using both hands.

– Here also the examiner must face toward the patient’s face.

– Palpate the lateral aspect of the umbilicus, keeping one hand steady and using another hand to palpate, and repeat the process on both sides.

– By this action examiner will locate the back, limbs, and anterior shoulder.

  • 3rd Leopold’s Maneuver / Pawlik’s Grip / 2nd Pelvic Grip –

– In this only one hand is used.

– Here examiner facing the face toward the patient’s face.

– Palpate by keeping the ulnar border of the right hand at the symphysis pubis and grasp the presentation.

-By this maneuver, the examiner Identifies the presentation, descent, and engagement.

  • 4th Leopold’s Maneuver / 1st Pelvic Grip –

– Here examiner again uses both hands.

– Faces the face toward the patient’s feet.

– Palpate the presentation, presenting part, check the engagement and attitude by using both hands.


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Leopold’s Maneuvers (Obstetric Grips)

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