Implantation means the attachment of the blastocyst with the endometrial wall.

After the fertilization, blastocyst becomes differentiate into syncytiotrophoblast and cytotrophoblast then apposition occurs, pinopods from endometrial lining absorb the glycogen and lipid-rich secretion and by adhesion molecules like selectin, integrins, and cadherin both the structures adhere with each other and after that hydrolytic enzyme from syncytial cell breaks the stromal cells of the endometrial lining and penetrate the lining and invade within the stratum functional layer. local peptides and cytokines released from the blastocyst and endometrial lining stop further penetrating the blastocyst deeply in the endometrial lining and thus the interstitial implantation is completed by day 11 after fertilization after that endometrial lining is termed as decidua.

Along with that embryoblast is also differentiating and forms a bilaminar embryonic disc one is epiblast that forms an amniotic cavity and hypoblast forms yolk sac.

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