Decidua – Placenta Formation

Decidua means the functional layer of the endometrium and sloughs off during childbirth. After blastocyst’s implantation, the endometrial lining is called as decidua, and after that, depending on its contact with the endometrial lining it is renamed as decidua basalis (decidua serotina) when this comes in contact with the base of the blastocyst or when the lining forms a thin layer surrounding the blastocyst toward the cavity then it is called a decidua capsularis (decidua reflexa)and the remaining uninvolved area of decidua which do not take part in implantation site is decidua vera (decidua parietalis).

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This decidua is very helpful for the blastocyst to survive initially and also releases some local chemicals for further penetrating the blastocyst because it limits the blastocyst to remain within the functional layer of the endometrium and the basal plate of the placenta is formed from this decidua basalis only.

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