Leiomyoma or Fibromyoma, commonly called fibroids, is the most common uterine tumors of smooth muscle origin, mixed with fibrous tissue component.

-The majority of them are benign and cause no symptoms and symptomatic cases produce abnormal uterine bleeding, pain, due to compression of surrounding structures. The cause is unknown but the possible factor is estrogen which stimulates proliferation.

Morphological features

-It is more frequently located in the uterus within the myometrium (Intramural and interstitial), serosa (subserosal ) underneath the endometrium (submucosal), subserosal and submucosal may develop pedicles.

Grossly- These are multiple, circumscribed, firm, nodular, grey-white masses of variable size and on the cut section, it shows the whorled pattern.

Histologically- It composed of 2 tissue elements – the whorled bundle of smooth muscle cells mixed with connective tissue.

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