Tibia & Fibula

Tibia and fibula are the leg bones that form the part of a lower limb...

Bones of the Foot

The foot consists of 26 bones in each lower limb, 7 Tarsals..

Arches of the Foot

The bones of the foot are arranged in three arches two longitudinal..


Patella or kneecap is a small circular-triangular bone located..


The femur or thigh bone is the longest, heaviest, and strongest..

Vertebral Column

The vertebral column, also called the backbone, spinal column, or spine is composed of a series…

Bones of hand

There are the various bones of the hand, these are- Carpals -It is the proximal region…

Forearm bones- Radius & Ulna

In this lecture will see the bones of the forearm- Ulna -It is located on the…

The Humerus

The upper limb is the part of the appendicular skeleton and has 30 bones in which,…

Pectoral Girdle

The body has two pectoral or shoulder girdles that attach the bones of the upper limbs…