Dystrophic Calcification And Metastatic Calcification

Difference between Dystrophic Calcification and Metastatic Calcification

  Dystrophic Calcification Metastatic Calcification
1. Definition  – Deposits of calcium salts in dead or degenerated tissue Deposits of calcium salts in normal tissue.
2. Calcium Metabolism   – Normal Deranged
3. Serum calcium level Normal Hypercalcaemia
4. Reversibility Generally irreversible Reversible upon correction of metabolic disorder
5. Causes– Necrosis (Caseous, liquefactive, fat), Infarct, thrombi, dead parasites, certain tumour, cyst Hyperparathyroidism, prolonged immobilization, hypervitaminosis D
6. Pathogenesis – Increased binding of phosphates with necrotic & degenerative tissue which in turn binds to Calcium forming Calcium phosphate precipitates Increased precipitates of Calcium phosphate, due to hypercalcemia  at certain sites eg. Lungs, stomach, blood vessels etc.
7. Prognosis – Generally better due to little septicaemia Generally poor due to profound toxemia

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