Anatomy and Physiology

Female Reproductive Organs


Female reproductive organs are concerned with sexual intercourse, fertilization, growth, and development of the fetus and the lactation after childbirth. The organs are divided into 3 parts- external genitalia, internal genitalia, and the mammary glands.

External genitalia (Vulva/ Pudendum)– It consists of all external parts which include mons pubis (subcutaneous fat pad ), labia majora ( skin and subcutaneous tissue), labia minora ( 2 thin skin folds ), the clitoris (cylindrical erectile tissue) and the vestibule (triangular space bounded by labia minora).

Internal genitalia– This consists of the organs placed internally, which are the vagina (fibromuscular tube), uterus, Fallopian tube, and ovaries.

Mammary Glands– These are modified sebaceous gland which is bilateral and concerned with lactation soon after the delivery.


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