tubectomy-vesectomyIndia launched a nation –wide planning program in 1952, making it the first country in the world to do so, though records show that birth control clinics have been functioning in the country since 1930. The early beginning of the program were modest with the establishment of a few clinics & distribution of educational material training & research. During the third 5 year plan, family planning was declared as the centre of planned development. The emphasis was shifted from the purely child approach to the more vigorous “ extension education approach” for motivating the people for acceptance of small family norms. during fourth 5 year plan the govt. of India gave top priority to the program. The program was made an integral part of MCH activities & PHC &  their subcentre. In 1970, the MTP were introduced.

Govt. that came  into power formulated a new population policy, ruling out compulsion & coercion for all time to come. The ministry of family planning was renamed family welfare.

Although the performance of the program was  low during 1977-78. It was a good year as much as the program moved into new healthier direction. The acceptance of the  health care approach to the achievement of HFA 2000 AD to the formulation of national health policy in 1982.

The universal immunization program aimed at reduction in mortality & morbidity among infant and younger children due to vaccine preventable disease was started in year 1985-86. The oral rehydration therapy was also started in view of the fact that diarrhoea was a leading cause of death among children. During 1992 these program were integrated under child survival & safe motherhood(CSSM) program.

Integrated RCH program would help in reducing cost of input to save extent because overlapping of expenditure would no longer be necessary & outcome will be better accordingly, during 9th  5 years plan the RCH program integrated all the related program of 8th 5 year plan.

The investment on family welfare program during successive plan- period is in 1951-56 is approximately 61 crore.