• Female internal genital organs / Female reproductive system

    In this lecture, I will explain the anatomy and physiology of different parts of female internal genital organs with 3D animation and colorful figures…


    The fetal skull contains a delicate organ brain and is the most difficult part to come from the pelvis and in this lecture, you can see the colorful figures of the fetal skull showing the bones, sutures, fontanelles areas and diameters of the fetal skull…

  • Anatomy of Female Breast (Mammary glands) / Female Reproductive Organs

    Female Breast or Mammary glands are the accessory organs in the female reproductive system, through this lecture you will have an idea about its structure…

  • External Genitalia | Female reproductive organs

    EXTERNAL GENITALIA includes all external parts in a female reproductive system…


    This lecture explains all the parts of female reproductive organs…

  • Maternal Pelvis

    The maternal pelvis forms one of the strongest joint in female skeletal system & in this lecture you can see the bones, joints, ligaments, diameters, landmarks of pelvic brim & many more points in maternal aspects…

  • Male Reproductive System Part-2 | Scrotum & Testes | Nursing Lecture

    The Testes produce sperm & secrete hormones, lies within the scrotum, in this video, you can see the detail of these structures with colorful illustration & 3D animation.

  • Male Reproductive System Part -1 | Penis | Nursing Lecture

    The penis is a cylindrical shaped male reproductive supportive structure. In this video, you can see the detail of its structure in 3D animation.

  • Male Reproductive System part -3 | Reproductive ducts & Accessory Glands

    The male reproductive system consists of following ducts-Ducts of the Testis, Epididymis, Ductus Deferens, Spermatic Cord, Ejaculatory Ducts, Urethra and the various glands which contribute a fluid part in the semen. In this video, you can see the colorful illustration & 3D animation of these structures.

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